Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Budget Bunkers

A post inspired by one of the many emails I get every day. Because I'm in the process of buying a house, I often scour the web looking for pegs. It's a 3 bedroom house -  One will be the masters bedroom, the other one is reserved for J, and the other we can convert into a library. But in the event that I have a jazillion (Yes, a totally made up term.) kiddos, this looks like a pretty swell idea. Or maybe I'm just taken by the use of a muted yellow with gray? You think? I'm sure R will say something about the dangers of falling off the bed, and other practical things that I once again, have missed to consider. Thing is, it's just too pretty! (And just like that, I get taken in again!)
In any case, here you go - a lovely Do-It-Yourself Hanging Bedroom Trio. I find myself taken by the wall lights, too! 

For the complete DIY breakdown, click here. Photo Credit.

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