Thursday, January 20, 2011

Future Store Post # 1 - The Accordion Cabinet

Every so often I come across an item that I think is just too outrageously awesome, that I'd like to make it (If I had the resources) and sell it in my "future store"

I have always fancied pretty things and I day dream about setting up a shop just filled with items that I fancy. Exactly like what I put down here on heyais, but ... uhmmm. more tangible? Haha. 

So here's a first (in a series of many, I'm betting) of things that'd go in this future store of mine. 

Future Store Post # 1 - The Accordion Cabinet

I found this sooooo darling that I wanted to buy plywood and a saw and just get right to it! Haha! Furniture has always spelled L-O-V-E to me. Here in the Philippines, where Ikea does not exist (Well, there are some stores that sell pre-ordered Ikea items but let's not count them.), there is a lack of good ol' furniture that fits my medium class arse's budget. When I go to malls and look around, they have these cheap looking shelves and cabinets that are sooooooo, how do I say it, uninspired??

Well, I'd like to change that! I want to make furniture! Furniture that's fun, affordable, and well made! Just like the accordion cabinet. Can you imagine it in lacquer pink? or red? I'd do an entire series in the boldest of colors available! EXCITING! 

Enjoy the photos! 

From the makers of the Accordion Cabinet, German designer Elisa Strozynk and artist Sebastian Neeb -
"This piece of furniture features a wooden layer folded in the manner of an accordion, wrapped around a rectangular unit. The wooden layer is made of lamellas of various veneers, fixed to a textile base material. The combination of materials shows the wood in a new, surprising light, as it can be moved similarly to a piece of fabric. The cabinet is playfully opened by folding it."
Lamellas are gills of a mushroom? So that's what you call 'em. Interesting.

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